The Lead Genie has been working hard setting up a new programme to help businesses simplify their Lead Generation and gain a better understanding of exactly what they require, who they are targeting, when the require this, what they expect out of it and so much more.

Here is a breif breakdown of the first section of the plan explaining the types of things that The Lead Genie will help you look into before moving on to and form of marketing and/or sales campaigns potentially saving your company a small fortune.


Your priorities are not just Industry type, Company Size, A specific Person and a company’s expenditure.

Remember this - You are out to create (Not just a contact) but rather a Friend.
1.      Say Argh?
Who will you need to pinpoint within your target companies?
An End User
An Influencer
A Director/Senior Manager
2.      Checking your Temperature?

Who are you looking to promote to?
New  customers
Current customers
Previous Customers
Lost Customers

3.    Listen To Your Heart? 

What type of company are you after?
Familiar    -    Do they already know what you offer and understand it?
Unfamiliar -    Do you have the best way of simply explaining what you offer?
4.      An Apple A Day.

Have you given things a go?
Tried and tested
Not tried do to what
Don't know where to start with Lead Generation
5.      Time for a check-up?

What are your top 3 Symptoms? 

The 3 key symptoms which are stopping you getting hold of the perfect customer .
6.      The All Clear?

Taking the medicine for your symptoms will help you see things clearer and access the targets you dream of

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