What is a good business relation in this day and age?

Recently I have been working with a small firm who wanted someone to help them to develop and grow as a business. 

I worked in assisting them to expand their horizons through my networks and through my understanding of the marketplaces for data across the UK. 

With each day as a Business development manager on a small national business, working to contact new potential clients and to build up relationships which I always, personally, intend to be for the long term. I discovered that people no longer respect the lifespan of a client, and that in this day and age the generation of the "quick buck" is often more of a necessity in many people’s eyes than a requirement. 

Many of the businesses in the sector I was working within were looking for the quick sales. This was due to the classic base of target based sales. 

Now I have always stood by the old school ethics that if you work with your clients, relate to them and grow to understand each other, then you will know, like and trust each other over time. This will eventually become the working relationship upon which the business world evolves. 

Apparently not!  It seems as if there are more and more people who play a false market, create a false effect, take a minimum payment, as cost is everything, and offer an inferior product. 

So I ask this. "What is the point of working for your business if you are going to let price and poor quality rule your market place"?

Why not look at what it really takes. Work with someone who actually gives a damn about you and your business and knows what you require to do things right. 

It's not about the "Quick win"! It's about the service, the pride and the result over the long term. 

Give some extra time and trust in the right person and the right results will give you the answer to the question you crave. 

Michael McCarthy. (The Lead Genie). . 

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