Lead generation these days is a phrase that does not seem to offer the impact of the past due to the mass viral effect of the “Social media” phenomenon.  However people concentrating all their time on social media and its effects on line for their website and their personal Klout and Kred scores are not all aware of the factors behind what they do.

If you spend your time generating thousands of followers and clicking follow back here and there and everywhere are you generating interest in you and your business? Are you generating new clients and people who are interested in what you do who you are and what you can offer? Or are you just becoming another click on the screen, and another connection making them look good rather than you getting what you want?

Are you being leached on by the masses and offering them leads to their outcomes rather than targeting and strategically planning what you want and how, or from who you are going to get it?

It’s not difficult to put up a link offer an insight and generate followers on twitter. It is very easy to add a friend and setup a business page on Facebook offering discounts and free books to followers and those who Like your page. All this is wonderful and offers the world connections to people, companies and information that only a few years ago we could have only dreamed of.

Social media is totally pointless if it is not adding what it can to your company bottom line.

Is all this actually offering us any practical solutions if we do not know who we really want from this mass of jumbled names, in various countries and industry sectors from all over this virtual world of ours?

Many people offer up the argument to lead generation that it is not measurable, it cannot be guaranteed, or the companies offering this style of service do not offer conversion rates etc. The simple reason for this is that lead generation offers results providing the planning and structure of the strategy is correct and thoroughly thought through.

So where do you go from here? Is a step back in to the past, offering an offline discussion and a moment of your time to help, educate or solve a problem for that one individual within a company who you would like to have as your “Ideal client”. That one short strategic target who you dream will knock on the door to your office and hold out a hand full of notes to purchase that dream sale.

Well stop dreaming, start living and start planning. There are many ways to get your ideal lead, client, target or sale. However you look at it, the old ways are not gone they are here to offer up the most powerful support to the new ways possible. 

Lead generation and social media can be the best of friends or the worst of enemies.

With great planning, ideals and strategies, along with the right lead generation for you and your company or product you will see results so long as you offer some patience and allow the lead generation the time and skills required to grow. This will show results and guide the way towards the sales and marketing guarantees that others offer but with a much better return in the long term.

Use them well. Work them correctly and you and your business will pass beyond dreams and in to the ideal reality you always dreamed of.

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I recently had a  meeting with a person who showed an enthusiasm for their business which seems to have become more regular in this current economic climate. 

This person cannot read very well or write any better and has had issues over the years which has meant that she has always been told that she will not and cannot do this, that or the other.

Have you realised that with the down turn and the double-dip recession people who are in business have become divided, not only in terms of their attitudes towards their personal views but also in the ways that we promote ourselves personally and as a business. People seem to be at extreme ends of the spectrum, either very positive of very negative. Not many are actually seeing both sides.

As I was saying this person came across with the level of
 passion and enthusiasm that until the last few years was a true rarity in business. Now I am seeing that this passion to succeed regardless of the obstacles in the way is becoming so much more common. That fire in the eyes that said, "People have told me it cannot be done, I have always been told I will never be able to do anything like this"….. "To hell with that I am going to anyway". 

This meeting got me wondering. So what has happened over the last few years to bring this new lease of life to people in small businesses?

A few years ago there were entrepreneurs and small businesses going out of business and not knowing what to do with themselves. The economic climate dipped and those who had been doing quite well for themselves suddenly found that they did not know how to continue things in this Recession.

The next stage was the larger companies that then found themselves needing to save money and tighten the massive belts around their businesses in order to survive, so they decided to make the expensive, highly skilled, long term employees redundant.

It seems to me that these highly skilled people who have knowledge in a certain industry or sector have become the new generation of entrepreneurs. They have started small businesses in their specialism, which has given way to a whole new level of passion as these people are finally learning what it is to enjoy what they do in a whole new way, and they bring with themselves a passion to succeed in droves.

These people do not know what a recession is, in the sense of the older businesses as they have never seen the glory days of a few years ago, rather they see things as they are now.

So should this be taken as a lesson for all of the other businesses out there?

Should the banks stop calling this a Double-Dip Recession, and rather refer to it as THE ECONOMY?

Take a moment to think… What would happen if all we knew was that the economy is the economy?  

All leads are not created equally and 1,000 leads from one supplier might be totally different in origination method and quality to another

It is better to get one lead that converts into a sale than 1m leads that don’t generate any revenue!

The best lead generation campaigns are the ones that work. If the campaign looks ugly then it does not necessarily mean it will generate poor leads.
If the creative execution looks amazing it might not generate any leads at all!

You are the experts in your industry, but does that mean that you are the best at judging your leads?

As in every industry, "Get the best people for the job". 

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Are you looking to grow your business?
If you are then you are looking in the right direction. Without growth businesses flounder and die.
Many people are fully aware that they require new business, but in the current economy they are not sure how best to approach the situations that they find themselves in. Others do not like picking up a phone and requesting business from others.
Lead Generation is a compulsion in business, not an option.
If you do not know how to generate new business, or you just don't like doing it, then as per every job in your business find the best person for the job.


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